Everybody Flies at Atherial Fitness, and You Can Too

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Everybody can fly at Atherial Fitness. In fact, it only takes one Volo Fundamentals class to “earn your wings” and learn the six signature moves taught (and later inverted) at Atherial’s classes. Whether you’re a frequent flyer at Atherial or you’ve never done an upside-down foot lock, co-owners Reba Melandra and Bre Burgess want to assure everyone that Atherial offers aerial fitness “for every body.” 

“When I walked into Atherial, I had a bit of excitement to try a new workout, but I also had some hesitation. How would I be able to perform the moves and feel okay with being a beginner in the silks? But when you face your fears, amazing things can happen!” – Jenna Woolam, FitLo Denver Ambassador 

Get ready to Sweat, Flow and Breathe at Atherial

Atherial’s splits their fitness into three categories: Sweat, Flow and Breathe.

Foremost, those looking to sweat can join Bre and other instructors at the barre for Volo Barre (and Barre Fly) or work on planks and pikes in the silks with Atherial HIIT and Atherial Core.

FitLo Denver Ambassador Lauren

Atherial Flow

Atherial’s Flow series focuses more on strengthening and elevating with Volo Fundamentals, Volo Flow and Volo Invert. Those looking to deepen their mind-body connection will find it as they move through each of these courses.

“Volo offers a unique approach to yoga and movement that allows you to get deeper into postures and turn your practice on its head — literally,” says FitLo Ambassador Christina Warner. “In each of Atherial’s classes, you are met with a blend of familiar and new.”

And I agree with Christina. Over the course of a few months, I truly do feel like both my mind and my body respond in a completely different way to both aerial yoga and yoga than ever before. When I first started at Atherial, I thought my flexibility hindered me. Reba and Bre taught me to trust my body and let down mental barriers. I know now that if I let go, I can flip into a pose or sink deeper into a squat because my body or the silks will keep me safe.

Atherial Breathe

But it’s Atherial’s Breathe classes that the true mind-body connection is established, though. With Volo Restore, the silks hang low to the ground, offering an immensely-restorative and therapeutic class. Volo Float (and Vino Float  — with wine!) offers students an opportunity to unwind at the end of the day.

“I love VoloRestore and VoloFloat as an accessible way to get deeper into restorative poses.” – Christina Warner, FitLo Denver Ambassador 

And there’s always Atherial’s Puppy Yoga classes, too

A puppy patron of Atherial Fitness’ Puppy Yoga. Photo by Jenna Woolam, @Jenna_Nicole_foto

If a glass of wine before settling into Savasana wasn’t enough to get you into the silks, Atherial Fitness also offers #AtherialPuppyYoga to help benefit local rescue dogs. Both Bre and Reba are passionate about fostering dogs — between the two of them they have fostered more than 150 — and frequently team up with local dog rescue organizations, like Sunshine Canyon Dog Rescue, to bring foster puppies into the studio for a puppy yoga class. “If you have a love for puppies and wanting to help them find a home, this is your place, says Jenna.

“The puppies are such lovers and give another moment of stress release,” she says.


Atherial can accommodate those who can’t typically do yoga

With all the puppy love and flipping upside down, it’s important to remember that Atherial offers yoga for every “body.” It doesn’t matter if you’re a new yogi, a former gymnast or you’re confined to a wheelchair. Reba and Bre created a safe and welcoming space for everyone willing to try the silks.

Volo Adapt is a class for those facing any kind of mobility restrictions, including spinal cord injuries. It is taught in conjunction with a physical therapist and is designed to help those in chair to feel a sense of “lightness.”

I can attest to this. I’ve seen and spoken to a lot of different people over the past few months at Atherial, and the one thing they all have in common is a sense of transformation and letting go. People in the Adapt class talk about the inability they previously had to “let go” because it was physically impossible for them prior to coming to Atherial, and now they are able to stretch their bodies.

Just hanging out

I’ve also seen and (finally) experienced myself! The moment someone finally trusts their bodies because they trust their instructor, and they flip out of ‘Flying Fairy’ and land in a ‘Buddha Hang,’ and the moment of true elation that spreads across their face is remarkable.

These moments would not be possible without a studio like Atherial and the environment created by Atherial.


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Everybody Flies at Atherial Fitness, and You Can Too


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