Are you a Hot Mama?

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Format(s) Taken: Dance Fitness HIIT Pilates Functional Fitness

Additional Formats Available: Yoga Barre

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Are you a Hot Mama?
Well, get ready to (t)werk what your mama gave ya! To me, it’s not just about looking hot, it’s also about feeling hot. If you feel hot, you will look hot. Hot Mamas Fitness Studio is here to get your hotness in check. Ladies, let’s get it.

Uncensored and UnapologeticTeddi

I stumble up the stairs at Hot Mamas Fitness Studio with my 4 yr old in tow. I’m rushed and scattered trying to get my son settled into childcare before class starts. I’m in my usual overwhelmed mom mode. Looking forward to getting a workout break, I just need to complete the child hand-off – pull, shimmy, scoot … and success! Childcare door closes behind me. Screaming kid voices fade away. Thank you childcare. I. Need. This.

Hot Mamas oozes with sexy chic, urban style, yet there is an underlying laid back vibe. We work hard. We want to be understood. We want to look hot and feel good. We know Denver is one of the fittest cities in the country. Is there a list for the city with the most MILFs? I think Denver would crush that one too. (Come on now, we can’t take ourselves too seriously!)

I notice a title card on the reception desk in the office, “I’m CEO, Bitch.” (Yes! Dig it.) I’m excited to take class with the founder, Teddi Bryant. Right away she makes it clear to leave your modesty, and prim and proper behavior at the door. She cues up a playlist of sick beats that transforms me from mommy to fierce hotness ready to work it Beyonce-style.

“You are here and there is nothing else better you could be doing in this moment… so work your ass.” – Teddi Bryant, Founder & CEO of Hot Mamas Exercise.

I'm CEO BitchThroughout class there is a healthy “Eff IT” attitude.  No fluff. No B.S. We jam out to awesome music and work until we are standing in a puddle of sweat. The result is a 60 min dose of being in the moment. The workout is tough, but with the beat driven movements, it is also undeniably a workout party every time. Trust me, no one has to tell you to “Let it go”, it just happens.

“I’ve been doing this a long time, I know how to shape a women’s body, and I understand how we (women) want to feel.” – Teddi Bryant

Behind it all, Teddi is extremely nurturing and compassionate. She understands the struggle many of us women put ourselves through. She has been in the fitness biz for a long time. She knows what works for her clients and her training format. Classes are designed to be done with body weight and some light resistance. Yet, the intensity is real. You will be challenged.

Hot Mamas KenzieReady to take on the world

Hot, sweaty and ready to take on the world, I reunite with my sweetness. I open the childcare room door and he runs to me for a giant hug full of smiles, ready to tell me all about the toys he played with for the last hour. Ahhhh, everybody is back in balance. I even discovered I have twerk potential. This put a little extra spring of confidence in my step.

Hot Mamas Fitness Studio is located in the Wash Park area at Logan and Exposition with a second location coming this summer to the Stanley Marketplace, Stapleton. Try some classes, the first week is free! Learn more & sign up for classes at


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Are you a Hot Mama?

701 S. Logan Street
Denver, 80209

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