Amana Yoga in Boulder: My Go-To Yoga Studio

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I need more yoga in life. One of my go-to yoga studios is Amana Yoga in Boulder. It’s located very close to Pearl Street. You could plan a yoga visit before or after some shopping or plan some post yoga bites walking distance from the studio. If you are like me, I like walking around after my post yoga high.

Amana Yoga Studio is very unique. When I walk in I immediately feel more calm. I love the exposed brick brick wall. There are no mirrors. The front of the studio immediately transforms me into a zen state of mind with a triangular meditation altar and candles. Some instructors even have incense going which is a nice touch.

Amana offers hatha flow, vinyasa, pre & postnatal yoga and even a Roll & Restore and Myofascial Release classes among many other great classes and variations.   My favorites so far are Hatha Flow and Yoga Aligned.  Both are 1 hour and 15 minutes. Admittedly, I’m not a “yoga expert”, but I know I like yoga classes that are slower paced  and really allow me to connect, stretch and feel the different postures in a purposeful manner.  I think that is why I like the Hatha flow and yoga aligned classes.  While I’m still exploring the various yoga formats, the most important element to me, is how I feel afterward. I love yoga makes me feel relaxed and brand new, especially after a long week of intense HIIT and strength classes.

Regardless if you’ re new to yoga or have years of yoga practice under your belt, Amana Yoga has options for everyone to enjoy. They also offer teacher training and kids yoga!

It’s a great time to check out Amana Yoga in Boulder. September 4 – September 10, Amana is celebrating their 3 Year Anniversary with a week of donation classes. 10% of the donations go to support Hurricane relief efforts in Texas. Space is limited REGISTER HERE

Amana Yoga Boulder Yoga Studio
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Amana Yoga in Boulder: My Go-To Yoga Studio

949 Walnut Street, Unit B
Boulder, CO 80302

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