YogiApproved.com HQ: Get the Lowdown on Buti Yoga in Denver

Buti (pronounced “booty”) Yoga is perhaps the most unexpectedly fun yoga class I’ve ever taken. A mixture of tribal dance, yoga, and plyometrics created by Bizzie Gold, this practice will elevate not only your heart rate, but your mood. Buti Yoga in Denver While Buti Yoga in Denver is growing, it is certainly not a class found at every studio…. Read more →

barre class at pure barre belmar

Barre Class at Pure Barre Belmar

As both a barre instructor and barre student, I love barre class. ‘Meet me at the barre’ anytime, friends! Barre gets me in the zone and to the present moment. I love the burn, the shake, and the feeling I can’t do one more pulse. I even love the actual barre itself as I grew up spending hours in the… Read more →

Calibrate Sports Health: Get fit while you build a resilient body.

Calibrate Sports Health is an independently owned gym and sports recovery center in Downtown Littleton specializing in fitness and recovery programs, small group fitness classes, personal training, and rehabilitation. I first met the owner, Chris Nissler, before he had opened Calibrate Sports health. He was giving a presentation about the science and methodology behind integrating injury prevention methods with sports… Read more →

cross training at Dynamic Fitness Denver shoulder press

Train, Eat, Live : Cross Training at Dynamic Fitness Co.

Train. Eat. Live. These are seemingly-simple words. To Dynamic Fitness Co., they are the pillars for achieving success, and the foundation for their cross training style. The Dynamic Fitness Co. community began in 2014  with popup workouts and corporate wellness programs at various locations around town. In the summer of 2017, husband and wife duo, Jeff and Brenda Vaden opened… Read more →

Sheryl Langley Fit36 HIIT training in Highlands

36 Minute HIIT Training in Highlands | Get in. Get after it with Fit36.

Looking to keep that New Year’s momentum going? Consider checking out a HIIT training workout. What’s HIIT stand for again? That’s High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT training has been hailed as one of 2018’s fitness trends (if not the #1 trendiest way to get your sweat on), offering a quick way to challenge your body and achieve fitness goals. FIT36,… Read more →

An Independent Fitness Studio with a Heart of Titanium

Titanium Fitness Center is an independent fitness studio in Edgewater, near Sloan’s Lake. As the owner of an independently owned fitness studio myself (Atherial Fitness), I love supporting the community of fellow local fitness studios and owners. I had the opportunity to train at Titanium Fitness Center over the past month. As a dedicated yogi, I was unsure how I… Read more →

Barre is my medicine. I found my fix at Barre Forte Colorado.

It has taken me some time to face this truth: Barre is my medicine. It’s a necessary (good) evil and Barre Forte is good at delivering the goods my body craves.   I appreciate how the instructors are fun and welcoming with a relentless dedication to maintaining your ass with class! Plus, I feel safe. I’m not necessarily referring to the… Read more →

Evolve Yoga Boat Pose Bottle Rocket Yoga in Denver

Rocket Yoga in Denver: Gets you there faster. Find it at Evolve Yoga

Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead gave Rocket yoga its name “because it gets you there faster.” A class firmly rooted in traditional Ashtanga philosophy, its physical practice is considered the original form of power yoga, and the only place to try Rocket yoga in Denver is Evolve Yoga! What is Ashtanga Yoga? Ashtanga is a series of postures developed… Read more →