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Compass Fitness: Denver’s Fitness Superband

Compass Fitness is an independent Denver gym that was founded last Spring (2018) by an all star team of Denver fitness trainers: Jillian Keaveny, Heather Lorince, Cory Jagger and Tara Laferrara. You have likely taken a class, followed on Instagram, or heard of these local fitness trainers. I call them the superband or supergroup of Denver fitness trainers as they have… Read more →

Calibrate Sports Health: Get fit while you build a resilient body.

Calibrate Sports Health is an independently owned gym and sports recovery center in Downtown Littleton specializing in fitness and recovery programs, small group fitness classes, personal training, and rehabilitation. I first met the owner, Chris Nissler, before he had opened Calibrate Sports health. He was giving a presentation about the science and methodology behind integrating injury prevention methods with sports… Read more →

cross training at Dynamic Fitness Denver shoulder press

Train, Eat, Live : Cross Training at Dynamic Fitness Co.

Train. Eat. Live. These are seemingly-simple words. To Dynamic Fitness Co., they are the pillars for achieving success, and the foundation for their cross training style. The Dynamic Fitness Co. community began in 2014  with popup workouts and corporate wellness programs at various locations around town. In the summer of 2017, husband and wife duo, Jeff and Brenda Vaden opened… Read more →

An Independent Fitness Studio with a Heart of Titanium

Titanium Fitness Center is an independent fitness studio in Edgewater, near Sloan’s Lake. As the owner of an independently owned fitness studio myself (Atherial Fitness), I love supporting the community of fellow local fitness studios and owners. I had the opportunity to train at Titanium Fitness Center over the past month. As a dedicated yogi, I was unsure how I… Read more →

EDX CrossFit My Beginner CrossFit Experience FitLo Denver

My Beginner CrossFit Experience at EDX CrossFit

You wouldn’t believe I was a beginner CrossFitter. I’ve tried a lot of different workouts, but I’ve never done a CrossFit workout in my life.  So when FitLo Founder Tricia Olson asked me to write the review, I thought she was crazy.  Why would she want someone who’s never done CrossFit (or even had the desire to do CrossFit) write… Read more →

Manic for Manic Training HIIT Classes

What is Manic Training? What makes it manic? Let’s start with the definition of manic. Manic (adj.): Showing wild and apparently deranged excitement and energy; frenetically busy; frantic I would say “frenetically busy” most closely relates to the Manic Training training experience, especially at first. There’s a lot going on at once during the workout, and it may appear chaotic. However,… Read more →

Fitwall Denver Highlands FitLo Review Fitwall Workout

About the Fitwall Workout…And How I Smashed My Pullup Goal

One and a half years ago, I saw a Facebook ad for a new gym in Denver. It was called Fitwall, I wondered, “What is Fitwall? What kind of wall is involved in the Fitwall workout?” I poured over the online demo videos, taking in the unusual Wall apparatus and technical moves, created by founder Clif Harski. Finally I decided… Read more →

F45 Functional Fitness sandbag

F45 | Functional Fitness Training in 45 Minutes

The fitness craze hailing from Australia is now right here in your backyard! F45 is a functional fitness group training facility which currently has a branch in Highlands Ranch, with more opening soon in West Arvada and Boulder. The “F” stands for Functional Training, and the 45 stands for- you guessed it- 45 minutes of high intensity interval training. Each class has… Read more →

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Fitness in the City

They say you can’t do epic sh*t with basic people. Well at Fitness in the City, the people are far from basic and the workouts are definitely epic. I am exploring the Denver fitness scene like I’m a new kid on the block. No really, I moved here in May of 2016 and getting myself into as many food and… Read more →