9Round Denver Kickboxing Fitness: ‘Slay Your Workout’

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Top 3 excuses for avoiding a workout: 1) Lack of time 2) What to do 3) Feeling intimidated or overwhelmed…Do any of these sound familiar to you? Well, 9Round Denver studios deliver a high-intensity kickboxing workout that addresses all of these issues and more! Get this, walk in personal training – With no set class times or appointments! Just find 30 minutes in your schedule, walk through the door, and a trainer will be ready to set you up with boxing gloves, a heart rate monitor and a 30 minute kickass workout that will build strength, coordination and burn fat! As they say, ‘Slay your workout’.

Slay Your Workout 9Round Denver Kickboxing Fitness

Does it sound too good to be true? Go ahead, pinch yourself. It’s true.

As a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and ‘fitnessprenuer’, I am extremely busy and want a fulfilling workout when I take time to take a class.

I was impressed. It was a killer workout with personal training attention, all within 30 minutes!

About the Workout

In order to get the blood flowing, the first few stations were focused on various full body warm up movements, including boxing style jump rope and push-up mountain climbers. The following six stations all focused on kickboxing exercises and had different bags for different types of punching and kicking. For example, I started with jabs on a double ended bag to challenge my coordination and timing and moved on to a hanging heavy bag for jab/cross/kick combos to amp up the intensity. One of the things that makes the 9Round workout unique is that some of the stations also incorporate fitness movements like burpees, mountain climbers and squat jumps into the kickboxing combos. I must say though, my absolute favorite part of the program was when my trainer surprised me by having me turn around and throw punch combos into pads on her hands. This individual attention was a great motivational boost that made me feel like a real boxer training for a prize fight.

9Round Denver Kickboxing Fitness Front Kick

Fast-pace. Motivating. Flat out fun.

Overall, I would describe the 9Round Denver experience as fast-paced, highly motivating and flat out fun. The time flew by and I left the studio feeling accomplished and energized.  The nine different stations kept the workout exciting and engaging the entire time, not to mention the great stress relief that comes with really laying into the heavy bag! The individual attention from the trainers made me feel like a real champ. In the words of the great Muhammad Ali, “You can throw in the towel or you can use it to wipe off the sweat and keep going!”

FitLo Passport Class 9Round Denver Kickboxing Fitness

Join FitLo for a FREE Session

On Thursday, June 1, join FitLo for a FitLo Passport session at 9Round S. Broadway or 9Round Uptown. These two 9Round locations will be offering free sessions to FitLo Passport members from 4:30-6 pm. Space is limited and you must register ahead of time. Learn more and register here.

Not able to make it to the above events? Stop in anytime for a free trial class and check out their summer specials! To learn more, connect with 9Round S. Broadway or 9Round Uptown.

9Round Denver Kickboxing Fitness Studio Owners Staci Bartel and Anne Lee Mcrea

Meet the 9Round Denver Studio Owners

On Wednesday, May 31st at 8 pm we had a FitLo Fitness Chat Facebook Live interview with 9Round Denver studio owners Anne Lee Mcrea, 9Round S. Broadway and Staci Bartels, 9Round Uptown. Watch the interview:

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9Round Denver Kickboxing Fitness: ‘Slay Your Workout’


9Round Uptown 310 E 17th Ave Denver, Colorado 80203
9Round 487 S Broadway, Ste 100, Denver, CO 80209

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