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What is the LFT Fitness Community Throwdown?

LFT is all about coaching, community and culture, which is why they created the LFT Fitness Community Throwdown series. Throughout the year LFT hosts competitions that will challenge your fitness – mind, body an soul! Every Throwdown event is open to the community and attracts hundreds of participants and local vendors to create a fitness event that is all about coaching, community and culture.

All fitness levels are welcome to compete, you do not need to be an LFT member to participate in this event! Watch the videos below from the first two LFT Throwdowns. The third is going down on Saturday, December 10, 9 am – noon with a 10-minute TOTAL BODY BOOM (Total Body Workout) for teams consisting of one male and one female.

Register to compete for December 10 or just show up to watch and engage with the fitness community.

Videos produced in partnership between LFT Fitness, FitLo Denver and Ross Villenueve Video Productions.

LFT Fitness Community Throwdown 16.1

LFT Fitness Community Throwdown 16.2

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