It’s time to shred. Top 5 Ski Conditioning & Recovery Tips

It’s time to shred. Is your BOD ready for ski season? Let’s talk ski conditioning and recovery. It’s early in the season and the snow is coming down in Colorado. SO STOKED! Has your body caught up with your enthusiasm? Chances are, you are like most people and the first few times out are thrilling, yet the recovery is a challenge. FitLo took a tour around town to talk with some of our local fitness experts leading diverse workout activities.

See FitLo’s Top 5 Conditioning & Recovery Tips below and watch the video featuring Denver fitness and sports conditioning experts from 212 Degrees Fitness, Fierce45, CorePower Yoga, Manic Training, and ABD Wellness.

  1. HYDRATE & Replenish with Electrolytes

The most simple and inexpensive of a
ll tips- yet often overlooked. Hydrate 2 to 3 days before you hit the slopes, as well as during and after. We often think of hydrating a couple of hours before or the night before, but the most effective way is to hydrate 2 to 3 days before ski day. Make sure you drink half your body weight in ounces per day. If you’re active in your workouts or doing hot yoga, add even more water. Make this top of mind before you head out to higher elevation. Planning on a delicious brew or bloody? Drink water with your libation. Just do it. It will make a huge difference in your muscle pic hydration

As for electrolytes, remember the movie “Idiocracy?” The typical electrolyte drink is not all that awesome. If you have access to nothing else and you need it, by all means drink it. However, if possible opt for purchasing a more natural electrolyte drink or mix. Even more clever? DIY and make your own electrolyte drink.

  1. Go for the BURN in the Gym.

Dig deep and challenge your strength and endurance while you are in a controlled environment. Add on more weight and resistance, do more reps, hold it longer. You can do it! Get in full body interval workouts that require intense strength, endurance balance, and stability. Work with a trainer you trust who knows how to safely push you past your comfort zone, so you are stronger and ready to take on the physical challenges out on the slopes. Need suggestions? Check out our video featuring trainers and studio owners who get this concept. Heck, check out any of the studios and trainers FitLo has featured. I’m 100% confident they can help you, so you are ready for the bumps and long runs. Newbie? You still need to train and condition. It’s tough out there, even if you’re spending 70% of the time on your ass.

  1. Get your ZEN on.

Remember the importance of balance, body awareness and mind/body connection. Hey-Oh – Can I get an OM?! Activities like yoga will increase flexibility which is key, but also increase body awareness and focus. It may not be as physically demanding as lifting a loaded barbell or blasting out a HIIT workout, but it is vital in other ways. Yoga & stability workouts like SurfSET fitness make you slow down, find balance and alignment, and connect to your physical body. This will will help you become more aware of your body movement, which will help reduce the risk of injury. Voila! A key benefit and important factor. We don’t want our ski season cut short, right? I promise you will still increase upper body, lower body and core strength. Plus, these types of activities are great for recovery! Bam. See #4 for more recovery tips.

  1. RECOVER smart.

If you’re #killingit all weekend on the slopes, do recovery activities for the next day or two. Please, still do something, but keep it chill. Yoga and light to moderate cardio are great options. Give your body time to recover. It is important to move to help flesh out the muscle soreness.

Get in some self-care such as a massage. Use recovery tools at your gym – roll it baby! Or, purchase some recovery tools for yourself that you can use at home or even at your desk while you’re on your Monday morning TPS Report call. Soak in Epsom salt. Not into baths? No problem. Just soaking your feet in Epsom salt will provide recovery benefits for your entire body. Learn more tips from Dr. Kelly Shockley, ABD Wellness. Watch our Periscope.

  1. Remember WHY.

Train hard in the gym so you are capable of Beast Mode during your outdoor adventures. Going to the gym and studio should be fun. We meet and connect with like-minded people. It’s a great way to find community, inspiration, motivation and make new friends to go skiing with. Ultimately, the point of training in the gym is so we can learn about our weakness and imbalances, and fix them so we are ready to take on adventures outside the gym without overuse injury. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, climbing, hiking snowshoeing, or whatever the reason you live in our rockin’, vibrant city- train in the gym with purpose. Let your trainer/instructor know why you are training so they can effectively support you.

NEXT STEPS: Check out this video to hear from some of our incredible local experts. Visit them. Be sure to register for class ahead of time and let them know what you are looking for – What are your goals? In the end it’s all about find a studio that you enjoy and makes you feel good!

Credits: Thank you Peter Beuth/Manic Training for the sweet ski photos and video footage. Thank you Ross Villeneuve Video Production for recording and editing this video. Thank you contributing experts! Delisa Novak, 212 Degrees Fitness; Torrey Newman, Fierce45; Kori Norberg; CorePower Yoga; Peter Beuth, Manic Training; Dr. Kelly Shockley, ABD Wellness.

[This post was originally created and posted last November in 2015. We had to share again this year!]

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