Dating, Love and Fitness in Denver: Have you found THE ONE?

Finding the right gym is a lot like dating.

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of the popular phrase, “It’s not you, it’s me,” you know that finding “the one” is a real challenge in the dating world. I believe the same is true with gyms- finding the right gym is a lot like dating. There’s a lot of sweating and working out the relationship kinks, and yet in the end- who knows if there will be any real satisfaction?

I believe people strive to be good people. (This could just be the Yogi in me, but I truly do believe this!) However, just because they’re good people, doesn’t mean they’re the right match for you. Everyone has their own preferences and special needs to balance in order for the relationship to work. Most fitness studios and gyms are owned and operated by good, passionate and knowledgeable people who are in the business to share their expertise and help clients get the best experience possible- keeping you active, healthy, and improving your “ASSets.” No one leads a fitness format and says, “I don’t really care if the clients get what they want out of their membership…let’s just give them a so-so experience.” No way! To be a trainer or instructor, you MUST love what you do and believe in what you do. It is impossible to successfully train people from any other perspective.

What makes a healthy relationship with your gym and trainer?

What’s the key factor for long-term success? After all, a lunge is still a lunge; a crunch is still a crunch. What makes the difference? YOU! That’s right, like any lasting relationship, it all starts with you and the connection you have to your own needs. It’s not about the latest fitness trend or whether the gym is offering the best discount. Those reasons aren’t enough to base your decision, because no matter which studio or gym you choose, they are all designed to increase health and fitness. It’s about your connection to the workout, to the trainer(s), to the environment and to the community, and that the workout meets your fitness goals.

Do you know what your fitness goals are?

Jumping on to the latest fitness trend can work short term and sure, it’s better than drinking a six pack on the couch; but it’s not a long term solution for staying committed to your workout and enjoying it. Hell, LOVING IT!

Think about what you want. What are your personal goals, physical needs and intentions? What kind of experience are you seeking? Figure this out and connect with a gym. I’m willing to bet you will keep going and see results. You will probably even make some sacrifices to make sure your budget and schedule allows for the membership. Why? You’ll feel amazing beyond the workout itself, the trendiness and even beyond the physical results. You will fall in love! Ha! There it is. See how I brought that around? CHEEZE.

Occasionally, you might seek out people that you kind of like because it’s a good idea to stay connected however, people that you really enjoy, people you truly love – you will go out of your way to make time for them and those become the strongest relationships in your life. Those are the people who bring clarity, support, laughter and authentic, good times to your life.

What kind of relationship you have with your gym or studio?

I’ve committed years to several fitness routines throughout my life, and I’ve had the honor of getting certified in a wide variety of fitness formats. I’m truly a fitness junkie. I know from experience if you are seeking the best workout, it’s not about what Jessica Alba or Channing Tatum are doing; it’s about you.

I encourage you to find your perfect match so that you can ‘settle down’ and maintain a committed relationship that makes you feel amazing, inspires you, and at the same time, improves your “ASSets!” Aww! Ain’t love grand?

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6 comments on “Dating, Love and Fitness in Denver: Have you found THE ONE?

  1. Great post, Tricia! I can hear your voice as I’m reading the article :).

    I love me some BP for the intense, motivating, results driven workout. But, I’ve always been curious about Pearl Street Fitness. They have a big following. I’d like to know how they feel they are different from other fitness studios and if their workout is appropriate for everyone (people with injuries, people of all ages, etc).

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