Workout Local. Shop Local. FitLo Denver Features Independent Fitness Studios in Downtown Littleton

FitLo Denver is kicking off the holiday season with its 2018 Denver Fitmas Studio Crawl in Downtown Littleton December 7-12. During the Fitmas Studio Crawl, FitLo Denver is taking you on a VIP tour of local and independent fitness studios in Downtown Littleton, both on the screen and in person. Each day we will feature a different studio on the FitLo Instagram and Facebook social media channels. You are also invited to meet us for a workout at each studio for daily studio events which not only include a signature workout, but also amazing prizes, giveaways and delicious treats by local community partners. Stick around afterward to explore and shop local on the Historic Downtown Littleton Main Street. The Denver Fitmas Studio Crawl is generously presented by Specialty Dripps by Afton. Registration is required for the studio events. Learn more about the Denver Fitmas Studio Crawl | Downtown Littleton.

We’re also kicking off a new blog series featuring our favorite neighborhoods, where to sweat, and where to spend the day. Since the 2018 Denver Fitmas Studio Crawl spotlights Downtown Littleton, we figured this would be the perfect chance to show you around one of favorite areas in the South Denver suburbs.

TEA + Toning: The Ballet Physique, Fierce45 Littleton

The Ballet Physique

The Ballet Physique is one of the first local barre studios in Denver, founded by Kristen Zurek. As a fitness instructor and professional dancer, Kristen created her barre format to integrate functional barre fitness with elements of classical dance technique taught by fitness instructors who are also dancers. While each class includes classic dance technique, you do not need any dance experience. All exercises can be tailored to your body. If you do have dance experience, you will notice and appreciate the subtle layers of classic dance technique.

The Downtown Littleton location is The Ballet Physique’s original home studio space. Since its inception in 2010, The Ballet Physique has evolved with an expanded class repertoire, including options like cardio dance, yin yoga, cardio sculpt, and a quick 45-minute barre class (barre 45). Starting in December, The Ballet Physique will be offering a streaming studio that will official launch in December.

Denver Fitmas Crawl Date with The Ballet Physique: Monday, Dec 10 10:15 am + 5:15 pm | REGISTER HERE

Fierce45 Littleton

Just up the block is the newly opened, Fierce45 Littleton. Fierce45 LoHi was the original Fierce45 studio which opened in 2015 by founder, Torrey Newman. Today, Fierce45 has expanded to several locations in the Denver area, all still owned and operated by Torrey. If you haven’t yet been to the trendy class, take to heart its motto: “Harder than it looks.” Fierce45 is high intensity Pilates. While the intensity is high, the movements are slow, mindful and low impact. The FierceFormer machine may look intimidating, but fans of Pilates and Lagree will recognize it, and newbies will be shown the ropes by instructors. If you are new, Fierce45 instructors are pros and will be sure to take care of you with detailed attention to your needs and the ability to provide modifications. Write an intention on their signature Fierce walls and prepare to feel the burn! After class, take a post workout picture in front of their infamous “Bad Ass Wall”.

Denver Fitmas Studio Crawl Date with Fierce45: Friday, Dec 7 9 am + 6 pm | REGISTER HERE

Fierce45 Bad Ass Wall Independent Fitness Studios in Downtown Littleton
The Bad Ass Wall at Fierce45 Littleton

Feel the burn and get your shake on at Fierce45  and The Ballet Physique, then stick around for a relaxing tea at iN-TEA. Their wall of tea features over 170 flavors from around the world and the staff is amazingly helpful if you aren’t quite the tea connoisseur yourself. Pro-tip: Start an In-Tea punch card if you find yourself needing a green tea fix after taking your new fave barre class.

Yoga + Treat Yourself: Outlaw Yoga, Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa, Maha Soul

Yoga is one of my go-to activities when my stress levels are a higher than I’d like. And sure, my living room practice is great, but there is something about being in a studio that really reminds you to slow down. Downtown Littleton has a wealth of independent yoga studios and styles to explore. And alongside these studios are local businesses where you can continue to treat yourself!

Outlaw Yoga

Outlaw Yoga boasts that they offer classes that are “technically simple, physically challenging”, and they are not wrong! Every Outlaw class I’ve been to has had a killer abs section and encouraged me to try intimidating moves (I’ll never forget that I was in an Outlaw class when I got into my first handstand). What I love most about Outlaw is that they’ve always been big advocates that yoga can be for everyone (way before it was mainstream). People of all levels and interests can find themselves at home in an Outlaw class, and their schedule is vast and colorful from Buti Yoga to free meditation to beginner’s classes to Yoga for 12 Steps and recovery. They even have free kids yoga every Saturday. Locals get their free first week, and, after you wind down your day (perhaps with a restore class?) walk around the corner to Kate’s Wine Bar to enjoy their happy hour specials ($6 a glass on weekday evenings) and a reprieve from the cold. Somehow I feel that Outlaw would totally endorse you treating yourself after one of their classes!

Denver Fitmas Studio Crawl Date with Outlaw Yoga Littleton: Wednesday, Dec 12 10 am | REGISTER HERE

Outlaw Yoga Independent Fitness Studios in Downtown Littleton
Photo by @jenna_nicole_foto at Outlaw Yoga Littleton

Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa

If you’re looking for a bit more traditional zen, look no further than Five WellBeing, a spa and yoga studio. Both historical buildings are exceptionally lovely (ask for a tour!), but the yoga studio (Shift Yoga Studio) out back is next level. Their “Shift Yoga Studio” features a floor that vibrates with musical reverberations, and the space itself is amazingly cozy. Pick from one of several styles — vinyasa, yin, hatha, kundalini — and enjoy an hour of moving meditation. It’s easy to offer a recommendation to treat yourself here, because you don’t need to walk any further than a few steps to the main building. The Five Wellbeing  spa treatments are phenomenal and unique (I once tried a magnesium wellness wrap that had me blissed out all day), and you can even get a yoga membership that includes spa benefits!

Denver Fitmas Studio Crawl Date with Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa: Sunday, Dec 10 10:00 am | REGISTER HERE

Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa Independent Fitness Studios in Downtown Littleton
Photo by OGypsySoulPhotography at the Five Wellbeing Shift Yoga Studio

Maha Soul

Maha Soul is a spiritual yoga studio and store that offers everything from yoga to belly dancing to meditation to massage. Maha Soul has been a Littleton staple since 2015. The space itself is unique, full of exposed brick and beautiful hardwood. Their current schedule offers classes you won’t see many other places: ChakraDance, Gentle Yoga & CBD, and Reiki Flow. After a class with Maha Soul, consider a little therapy for your sweet tooth … at the Chocolate Therapist. This store not only offers exceptional handmade chocolates, but also fun classes like wine and chocolate pairing (obviously an important skill to have). It’s a small store, but you’ll undoubtedly love whatever treat you have.

Denver Fitmas Studio Crawl Date with Maha Soul: Saturday, Dec 8 19:30 am | REGISTER HERE

Maha Soul Yoga Independent Fitness Studios in Downtown Littleton (2)
Photo by @jenna_nicole_foto at Maha Soul Yoga Studio

Personal Attention + Paddleboards: Calibrate Sports, Altitude Paddleboard

Calibrate Sports

Calibrate Sports, just off Main Street and within walking distance of the other studios, offers modalities to help with sports recovery as well as classes to improve your fitness level. One of the best things about Calibrate is that they cap their classes at six people — and if you’ve ever been subject to a crammed class, you can appreciate that (hello personal space + actual attention from the trainer!). They offer a free week for new members and you can use those 7 days to check out their Kinstretch, functional fitness and movement classes.

Denver Fitmas Studio Crawl Date with Calibrate Sports: Tues., Dec 11 8am + 5:30 pm | REGISTER HERE

Calibrate Sports Independent Fitness Studios in Downtown Littleton
Photo by @jenna_nicole_foto at Calibrate Sports

Dirt Coffee: Nonprofit and Neurodiverse Employer

Across the street from Calibrate is Dirt Coffee Bar, a unique coffee bar that is also a  nonprofit and neurodiverse employer, with a mission to employ, empower, and educate people with autism. In addition to their neurodiverse permanent staff, they also have a paid internship for individuals on the spectrum who are ready to gain job experience and enter the workforce. We are honored to have a team member from Dirt Coffee  join us at the Calibrate studio event to talk more about their cause. After the Calibrate Sports am studio event, we’ll head over To Dirt Coffee to enjoy post workout coffee and connection.

Dirt Coffee Downtown Littleton (3)
Dirt Coffee Intern Graduates

Altitude Paddleboards

And last but not least, is there any better way to cap off a morning of mobility than shopping local? Altitude Paddleboards is owned by Nancy and John Bridenbaugh. They spent years adventuring around the country as raft guides until they settled down in Denver. Altitude Paddleboards is the first SUP-dedicated retail location to open in Colorado. This store is seriously lustworthy for any fitness fanatic who likes to get outside for their workouts. And if you’re not quite sold on paddleboarding, they offer in-season rentals. Perfect for the yogis who want to try some SUP poses or for an evening paddling around a reservoir. Oh, and they offer introductory, SUP yoga, and river SUP classes every summer. (Which I highly recommend and can’t wait to check out their Full Moon and Sunset classes). During the Fitmas Studio Crawl, Nancy will be leading an Indo Yoga class at Maha Soul. The Indo Yoga Board is a studio-based Yoga Board, designed to take yoga to the next level by taking traditional yoga and moving it onto an unstable environment like the increasingly popular practice of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Yoga or Paddle Board Yoga.

Denver Fitmas Studio Crawl Date with Altitude Paddleboards at Maha Soul: Saturday, Dec 8 11 am | REGISTER HERE

Altitude Paddleboards Indo Yoga at Maha Soul Independent Fitness Studios in Downtown Littleton (4)
Altitude Paddleboards Indo Yoga at Maha Soul Yoga

Workout Local. Shop Local.

Downtown Littleton is filled with local shops and businesses, I have merely scratched the surface. Which are your favorite? We will be featuring and visiting more local businesses as part of the Denver Fitmas Studio Crawl in Downtown Littleton. Join us on the tour December 7-12 to explore the unique and unexpected with FitLo! Get tickets to the Denver Fitmas Studio Crawl | Downtown Littleton.

FitLo Denver at Spur Coffee Downtown Littleton
Photo by @jenna_nicole_foto Spur at Coffee Littleton

Thank You Denver Fitmas Studio Crawl Sponsors + Community Partners

Thank you to the generous support of our sponsors Specialty Dripps, Fit To Smile and West + Main Homes.  Thank you community partners for making this event extraordinary with your products, services,  expertise and skill. Throughout the Denver Fitmas Studio Crawl the Downton Littleton fitness studios, sponsors and community partners will provide goodies, giveaways and prizes.

Fitmas Studio Crawl Sponsors




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