Happy Mothers Day – Thank You Mom! (aka Magic Fairy)

As a kid, I remember my mom saying, “What do you think? A Magic Fairy cleans up after you?” Of course, I was like, “WHATEVER, Mom.” The Magic Fairy aka MOM… Keeping the counters clean, sweeping the floor, clearing excess clutter, making sure balanced nutrition was available in the kitchen, taking care of details and coordinating family activities and enrichment “events.” Round and round, day after day – it’s the little “Magic Fairy” duties that often go unnoticed, yet they are the tasks that are imperative to keeping a household running smoothly. That’snot to say moms are the only ones who do these things, but let’s face it, a lot of times we do. Dad’s, relax. Your day is next month.

Our motherly multi-tasking skills are off the charts! Mothers should train Special Ops soldiers, because we’ve got some mad skills! But, the drawback to our multi-tasking excellence is that there’s little time left to nurture ourselves. You know the scenario where you run into a friend at the store and say with a rushed and hopeful voice, “Let’s get together soon!” as you chase after your child who is about to demolish a fragile glassware display.  You both know it is unlikely you will get together soon. Your workout, time with friends-these are the things that tend to get pushed lower and lower on the priority list. Sometimes, I feel isolated which can lead to frustration, anger, and sadness, yet at the same time, I’m so happy and grateful because the joy and love of family is the ultimate reward.

For me, getting to a studio, gym or the outdoors for a workout helps me keep my sanity.  I may have to get up at 5 am to make it happen, but it’s worth it! I know working out makes me a better mom. I get social interaction with the friends I meet in class, I increase my endorphins and my energy, and it helps me feel good about how I look. – Let’s be honest, we all know that looking good matters to us!

It feels good to feel strong and fit. But it’s not easy. You must carve out the time, and perhaps some Magic Fairy Task doesn’t get done that day. I think it takes dedication and self-preservation to allow something to be imperfect, in order to achieve the greater good of your awesome workout.  During my time at local gyms and studios and with my friends, I see moms every day that carve out time to work out as a commitment to their overall well-being.  It’s good for them, but it is also good for their families.

I recently had the honor of spending some time with a few strong and empowered women during their workout. They took a couple of minutes out of their routine to talk about what their workout means to them and how it helps them as mothers. Thank you, ladies! I’ve created this video to help inspire others that you can do this, and, to honor the moms who make it happen all day, every day. Working out takes dedication and prioritization and these moms know how to get it done. Keep it up!

Even if you’re not a mom, I know you know at least one mom and I invite you to recognize and honor mothers everywhere, those multi-tasking Magic Fairies that make the ordinary seem like a grand adventure, who create and contribute to futures everywhere. Thanks, Mom!

I would love to recognize YOU. Share your photos and words that inspire you to stay dedicated to your workout. In honor of Mother’s Day, post your photos and inspiration to Face Book/Twitter/Instagram @fitlodenver #LoveYourWorkout #MothersDay.

Happy Mother’s Day! AND, Thanks  to my mom for always being my Magic Fairy.  I love you, Mom!


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