How Glamping Inspired Me to Let Go

Fear, Anxiety, and Letting Go.  Perhaps, better described as hesitation, concern, and saying, well, “Fuck it- let’s see what happens.” This is a story of how Glamping Inspired Me to Let Go…

Originally posted Aug 30, 2015 – This is a repost in dedication to #optoutside 2016

Me demoing handstand, a pose I generally avoid. Of course I was picked to demo in front of everyone!

As I impulsively stuffed way too many ‘essentials’ into my tiny Honda Fit for Natalie Magee (Yogi Magee Expeditions) and Margaret Randolph’s Glamping Retreat,  I was getting on the road 2 hours late, in time for Friday rush hour, and I WAS SCARED. My negative voice was saying, “Seriously, you are not a camper, much less a trendy “Glamper.” You are a resort girl and going to be totally out of your element with your damn roller suitcase. You have brand new hiking shoes you bought just for the trip (poser), an entire cooler filled with excessive food and beverages (high maintenance), and you don’t know anyone (awkward).  Let’s hope you even make it there at all, because you are directionally challenged.” Yes, these are my negative self-talk voices. BUT, a part of me knew I was meant to go on this trip and that participating in an activity that forces me to confront my fears, is when the most magnificent moments manifest in my life.  And they did. My Glamping Retreat aka #yoganyurts15, did indeed unfold into a magnificent weekend.

Yes, I got lost. However, once I embraced the moment, I found my way and enjoyed the gorgeous drive through the mountains. The windows were down and I was blasting my old Pavement CD from my college years. Mama has two days off. FREEDOM!

Yoga Campsite
A nice group yoga shot with the royal outhouse in the background.

I rolled into Never Summer Nordic yurts two hours late. Natalie welcomed me and showed me my yurt & cot. She pointed to a structure that was raised above the ground which seemed to be attempting to disguise itself as something more prestigious than an ordinary outhouse- something royal, even. Raised or not, it was still an outhouse. Gross. So much for glamour.

Next, I settled in by the fire under the huge moonlit sky filled with thousands of stars and I could feel the layers of doubt and anxiety starting to melt away. I realized that this weekend was about to get epic, so long as I allowed it. My positive voice was kicking in. Inhale the fresh and positive, exhale the stale and negative.

The next day was filled with yoga and hiking. We had a fun evening with some delicious food, box wine and conversation with new friends. (Don’t get hung up on the box wine, my friends. It’s come a long, long way!) I had completely opened myself up to meeting new people, hearing their stories, dreams, aspirations and struggles. Finally, I was present and feeling connected with the earth and the energy of the strong and empowered women I was surrounded by. I even got comfortable using the glamper outhouse.

A group selfie while hiking.

This was my first retreat, ever and what I now consider to be one of my favorite weekend trips. Not knowing anyone, facing fear, anxiety, and finally, letting go. I’m not gonna lie, #yoganyurts15 turned out to be the perfect recipe for a genuinely good time that I will never forget. Thank you, Natalie and Margaret! You ladies led a killer retreat. You both inspire people to be real, be strong and to have an open heart to new experiences. Watch video highlights.

I’ve been following Natalie since I started FitLo. Without knowing who the hell I was, she welcomed me in to visit her classes, video and interview her. FitLo was completely unknown and yet, she did not hesitate. Ever since, I’ve been inspired by her magnetic, free spirit and blazing energy. Natalie has a thirst for adventure and her fearless approach to the world empowers me to say to hell with doubt and uncertainty. Just be you and proceed, without so much damn caution. And, do what scares you the most. By no means am I cured of fear and anxiety. However, I take this glamping experience with me and reflect on it when fear and anxiety starts to creep in.

Is there an experience that has helped you “let go”? We want to know! Share!

Yogi Magee Expeditions InterviewWatch the FitLo interview with Natalie Magee, Yogi Magee Expeditions


4 comments on “How Glamping Inspired Me to Let Go

  1. There are several times in any given day I can feel anxious, scared or overwhelmed. It’s nice to know that others feel the same. Your story allows us to accept that these feelings are very real, but that they do not have to stop us from moving forward with our goals.

    1. Thanks, Betty Jean! We’re all in this together and our experiences are not always hearts, sunbeams and unicorns, even if it may appear that way on the outside. So we gotta love, support and cheer each other on! You are an inspiration to me. Lady, you are always crushin’ it!

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