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10 comments on “Get Connected

    1. Thanks, Jamie! It’s all a FitLo Denver production. We interview, record, edit and post. Let us know if there is anyone you think that should be interviewed!

  1. Fitlo was a great company to work with! I hosted the run club with the Aveda institute Denver and I’ll tell you what they were more than willing to lace up! So good to see an online fitness group in the real world getting sweaty and willing to put in the hard work! I highly reccommend that you follow these guys! Great work!


    1. Tro! You are an inspiration. Thanks for keeping me going on those 4…er… 4.6 miles. So good to meet you and run with you! Keep it up – YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!

  2. HI~ what a great website. I have been going to a gym called 212 degrees fitness. It is in Littleton~ Bowles and Kipling. Small, locally owned and super dedicated owner, Just 4 trainers total. They are starting a new program called Surf Set. You should check it out. The owner is Delisa Novack.
    Have a great day

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I’m glad you like the website. I will definitely check out 212 degrees fitness. I’m always on the hunt for new programs to share with the FitLo community. Thanks for the suggestion!!!

  3. Tricia,

    Awesome website! I found your website when searching for the CO State Fitness Expo, which happens in July. I will have a booth at the expo. I am big into fitness and natural health. I work as a nutritionist, health coach, and speaker, and I host a weekly internet radio show called: “The Gillette Nutrition Show.” I am giving a talk on on May 13th on “How to decrease stress and increase energy and productivity.”
    I am reaching out to see how I might be a part of Fit Lo Denver.


  4. Hello, I work with The Women in Fitness Association. We are the only global not for profit supporting women in the fitness industry. I came across your Instagram and thought it would be really great to collaborate. Myself and the founder are both local to denver. We would love to speak with someone about how we can possibly support one another.

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