StretchLab FitLo Denver Blog Review

Should your fitness goals include assisted stretching?

One-on-one assisted stretching has been a recovery practice employed by athletes since we can remember, and now, thanks to studios like StretchLab, it is accessible to everyone. If you are anything like me, you probably split your time being hunched over a screen and a fairly rigorous fitness regime. With our constantly busy schedules, there barely seems to be enough… Read more →

Calibrate Sports Health: Get fit while you build a resilient body.

Calibrate Sports Health is an independently owned gym and sports recovery center in Downtown Littleton specializing in fitness and recovery programs, small group fitness classes, personal training, and rehabilitation. I first met the owner, Chris Nissler, before he had opened Calibrate Sports health. He was giving a presentation about the science and methodology behind integrating injury prevention methods with sports… Read more →