Club Pilates Edgewater Peace Pinot Pilates

Club Pilates Edgewater: Bringing Pilates to the people.

Jennifer Carlson opened Club Pilates Edgewater in 2015. At the time, there were only three Club Pilates studios in Colorado. While Club Pilates has become a large fitness studio franchise, it started with a distinct vision in 2007 at its first location in San Diego, California, founded by Allison Beardsley. Allison’s vision was to make Pilates Reformer classes accessible, inclusive… Read more →

Pilates Evolution FitLo Review

Pilates Evolution SouthGlenn: Feeling Lagree Love in the South Denver Burbs

I will be the first to admit that I have reservations when trying a new workout class. Technical moves, scary, torture-esque-looking equipment, and hearing about the level of Lagree’s difficulty are all factors that made Pilates Evolution SouthGlenn (Centennial) initially an intimidating endeavor. Luckily, the members and staff made what could be an intimidating experience comfortable, safe and, most importantly,… Read more →

MECHA Challenge Boulder Fitness MECHA Cardio

The MECHA Challenge: Lagree Megaformer + HIIT

I was looking for something different and I found a studio in Boulder called MECHA. After reviewing the class options on Mindbody, I came across the MECHA challenge which includes a Lagree Megaformer class followed by a HIIT class with the VersaClimber, airdyne schwinn, and a Concept 2 Rower… “A high intensity, low-impact, total body workout.” I thought, Bingo! Now… Read more →

Rock The Reformer Highlands Ranch Co

Rock the Reformer Pilates in Highlands Ranch

Have you ever thought to yourself – How did I get here? Who and what am I working for? Day in and day out … I’m becoming a zombie. Have you ever thought about doing something you believe in and making your “job” a passion? This is exactly what Lindsey Crane did last winter when she packed up and moved… Read more →