Everyone can love kickboxing, thanks to fitness classes at ILoveKickboxing

I have been going to ILoveKickboxing Denver for almost a year now. Whenever I need to get out of my usual cycling, yoga, and gym routine, ILoveKickboxing resets my fitness. I first discovered ILoveKickboxing through one of my college dance team friends. She had been going to classes regularly and raving about the Denver studio. Coming from a dance background, I… Read more →

212 Degrees Fitness: Motivating, FUN, and Non-Intimidating Fitness?

Shouldn’t your workout involve motivating, FUN, and non-Intimidating fitness? FitLo thinks it should and 212Degree Fitness definitely fits this description. When I visited 212Degree Fitness and met the owner, Delisa Novak I immediately felt comfortable, just like we were old friends. The studio is tucked away off Kipling and Bowles in a strip mall. It is a small set up, but with… Read more →

Pearl Street Fitness Scott St John FitLo

Pearl Street Fitness | Kicking Ass, Effectively

At Pearl Street Fitness, FitLo Ambassador, Kenzie and I had some quality time kicking ass, EFFECTIVELY. We took on a noon Full Body Conditioning class that worked the entire body with a focus on upper body. We didn’t use heavy weights nor was the workout complicated. We spent our time alternating weighted shadow boxing sets with chest, shoulder, back and core strength sets. Although the… Read more →