EDX CrossFit My Beginner CrossFit Experience FitLo Denver

My Beginner CrossFit Experience at EDX CrossFit

You wouldn’t believe I was a beginner CrossFitter. I’ve tried a lot of different workouts, but I’ve never done a CrossFit workout in my life.  So when FitLo Founder Tricia Olson asked me to write the review, I thought she was crazy.  Why would she want someone who’s never done CrossFit (or even had the desire to do CrossFit) write… Read more →

Cole Fusion Fitness Gym Golden Triangle, Denver

Cole Fusion Fitness | ‘Fitness with an Attitude’

More than a decade ago Frankie Cole created Cole Fusion Fitness, an independently owned Denver gym. Frankie has been dedicated to fitness for decades as personal trainer and fitness instructor. He has spent years growing his community and helping people reach their fitness goals, whether they are aesthetic, functional or sports-specific.  As both a personal trainer and group fitness instructor he… Read more →

ProjectMOVE CrossFit Kettlebells

Committed to Helping People Move Better | ProjectMOVE CrossFit and Sports Performance Training

ProjectMOVE is committed to helping people MOVE better. They offer CrossFit and sports performance training for children, teens and adults at their facility in Littleton. At ProjectMOVE, you will be expertly assessed for your current baseline level of fitness, and that becomes your starting point. Once your capabilities are measured and defined, you will be challenged and supported to progress based… Read more →

The Rebel Workout Denver Fitness Class

Rebel with a Cause | An Inside Look at The REBEL Workout Denver

Am I a Rebel? My first workout with The Rebel Workout Denver My love affair with fitness over the past 20 years has had its ups and downs, and I’m not just talking about deadlifts and burpees. Growing up a competitive ski racer in New Jersey meant limited time on the mountain and far more hours spent doing dry run… Read more →