Cole Fusion Fitness Gym Golden Triangle, Denver

Cole Fusion Fitness | ‘Fitness with an Attitude’

More than a decade ago Frankie Cole created Cole Fusion Fitness, an independently owned Denver gym. Frankie has been dedicated to fitness for decades as personal trainer and fitness instructor. He has spent years growing his community and helping people reach their fitness goals, whether they are aesthetic, functional or sports-specific.  As both a personal trainer and group fitness instructor he… Read more →

Top 5 for Achieving THE Best Body a la Carla Sanchez

Carla Sanchez is the owner of Performance Ready Fitness Studio (Lone Tree) and, personally, my fitness inspiration. I’ve trained with her for several years so this review will be more of an homage for all she has done to inspire me to work toward my best body, not someone else’s body from my Instagram feed. I feel it is my duty to share… Read more →