Compass Fitness Denver Fitness Trainers

Compass Fitness: Denver’s Fitness Superband

Compass Fitness is an independent Denver gym that was founded last Spring (2018) by an all star team of Denver fitness trainers: Jillian Keaveny, Heather Lorince, Cory Jagger and Tara Laferrara. You have likely taken a class, followed on Instagram, or heard of these local fitness trainers. I call them the superband or supergroup of Denver fitness trainers as they have… Read more → HQ: Get the Lowdown on Buti Yoga in Denver

Buti (pronounced “booty”) Yoga is perhaps the most unexpectedly fun yoga class I’ve ever taken. A mixture of tribal dance, yoga, and plyometrics created by Bizzie Gold, this practice will elevate not only your heart rate, but your mood. Buti Yoga in Denver While Buti Yoga in Denver is growing, it is certainly not a class found at every studio…. Read more →

Block21 Dance Fitness: Get that Friday Feeling.

I am physically incapable of keeping myself from dancing to a catchy song. Whether it’s in an elevator, during a busy nightshift, in the supermarket or while lifting weights, this girl just needs to DANCE! I have been looking for more dance fitness studios in Denver, so I was excited when I got the opportunity to check out Block 21… Read more →

Studio 3sixT pole dancer pole dancing fitness class

Pole Dancing Class at Studio 3sixT™ | FitLo Denver Fitness Review

When I think of a pole dancing class, two images often come to mind: a bachelorette party and Cirque du Soleil. A few friends and I were curious about trying a pole dancing class in Denver, and we came across Studio 3sixT™ online… “Studio 3sixT™, located in the Denver Metro Area, is Colorado’s dance studio specializing in women’s pole, dance… Read more →