Compass Fitness Denver Fitness Trainers

Compass Fitness: Denver’s Fitness Superband

Compass Fitness is an independent Denver gym that was founded last Spring (2018) by an all star team of Denver fitness trainers: Jillian Keaveny, Heather Lorince, Cory Jagger and Tara Laferrara. You have likely taken a class, followed on Instagram, or heard of these local fitness trainers. I call them the superband or supergroup of Denver fitness trainers as they have… Read more →

An Independent Fitness Studio with a Heart of Titanium

Titanium Fitness Center is an independent fitness studio in Edgewater, near Sloan’s Lake. As the owner of an independently owned fitness studio myself (Atherial Fitness), I love supporting the community of fellow local fitness studios and owners. I had the opportunity to train at Titanium Fitness Center over the past month. As a dedicated yogi, I was unsure how I… Read more →

9Round Kickboxing Fitness Denver

9Round Denver Kickboxing Fitness: ‘Slay Your Workout’

Top 3 excuses for avoiding a workout: 1) Lack of time 2) What to do 3) Feeling intimidated or overwhelmed…Do any of these sound familiar to you? Well, 9Round Denver studios deliver a high-intensity kickboxing workout that addresses all of these issues and more! Get this, walk in personal training – With no set class times or appointments! Just find 30… Read more →

Cole Fusion Fitness Gym Golden Triangle, Denver

Cole Fusion Fitness | ‘Fitness with an Attitude’

More than a decade ago Frankie Cole created Cole Fusion Fitness, an independently owned Denver gym. Frankie has been dedicated to fitness for decades as personal trainer and fitness instructor. He has spent years growing his community and helping people reach their fitness goals, whether they are aesthetic, functional or sports-specific.  As both a personal trainer and group fitness instructor he… Read more →