Barre Central barre in Stapleton

Barre in Stapleton: 100% Organic, Made From Scratch.

Barre in the Park was started by Megan Campbell in 2012 as pop-up barre in Stapleton. It was a community class for friends because at the time, there wasn’t much barre in Stapleton available. Megan’s pop-up barre classes were an instant hit. Soon Barre in the Park grew to become the first barre studio in Stapleton. Megan recently changed the… Read more →

barre class at pure barre belmar

Barre Class at Pure Barre Belmar

As both a barre instructor and barre student, I love barre class. ‘Meet me at the barre’ anytime, friends! Barre gets me in the zone and to the present moment. I love the burn, the shake, and the feeling I can’t do one more pulse. I even love the actual barre itself as I grew up spending hours in the… Read more →

Barre is my medicine. I found my fix at Barre Forte Colorado.

It has taken me some time to face this truth: Barre is my medicine. It’s a necessary (good) evil and Barre Forte is good at delivering the goods my body craves.   I appreciate how the instructors are fun and welcoming with a relentless dedication to maintaining your ass with class! Plus, I feel safe. I’m not necessarily referring to the… Read more →

Rhythm Revolution owner Jasmine Anderson

Rhythm Revolution: Lets get weird.

The Rhythm Revolution offers a new take on the ever-popular ‘spin class’. There is an underground, edgy vibe with relentless dedication to ‘The Beats’. You’ll find this indy studio space on Colfax, just past the City Park West neighborhood. The clean lettering on the windows boasts the studio’s multiple modalities: cycle, barre, yoga, HIIT, and power classes. Sound intense? Never… Read more →