Food Lovers Unite!

Food lovers unite!  ‘Let Thy Food’ shares with love, a line of lusciously creamy dips made with whole ingredients, 100% plant based! Whatever your dietary preferences, get this dip in your belly! I eat both veggies and meat. However, I must go easy on the dairy. So it was a delight to meet Jeremy Bartel, Co-CEO and Culinary Director at a recent Whole Foods/Yoga event. The sample I tried rocked my taste buds. I love dips and cheese, but they do not love me. It’s tough to find a dip that is rich, delicious and dairy free. Sorry, Guac, sometimes I need a lil’ something else.

Let They Food fills this void. The dips are all natural, 100% plant-based, dairy free, wheat & gluten free and made with whole, organic ingredients – no added oil, sugar, starch, fillers, or binders. Be plant strong. Be ‘paleo-ish’. BE FREE of labels – all are welcome at the Let Thy Food table. Good food is good food! Let Thy Food offers deliciousness perfect as a dip with crackers & veggies, a spread on meats & sandwiches, or even a quick spoonful – yes, I confess, I spoon my dips. The opportunities are limitless.

Bonus! Let Thy Food is a local company, homegrown in Denver, Colorado and owned by a delightful couple. Beyond the product, they are dedicated to outdoor adventure and supporting the local fitness and yoga community. Co-CEO, Christina Bartel is a marvelous professional photographer and creative artist who designs entertaining animations to represent their unique brand. There is even one dedicated to yoga! Visit the Let Thy Food website. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Find where to purchase or order.


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