FitLo Fitness Chat with Ross Villeneuve, Nerd, Video Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer.

Watch the FitLo Fitness Chat with Ross Villeneuve

Ross is a self-proclaimed nerd, Denver-based video entrepreneur, recently certified personal trainer. and FitLo AmBADASSador. Tricia and Ross Villeneuve, pre-game on Facebook Live before the Sound Off Colorado Yoga Flow event at Battery 621 led by Katie Ratchet (Fold Yoga). We chat about being a nerd fitness trainer, RPG, entrepreneur-ing, and favorite fitness exercises and yoga poses on the PogaMat. Yes, this Facebook Live has it all!

More about Ross

Ross is the founder of RVVP LLC, Denver-based video production company with a focus on online video marketing. See more of his videos on his  YouTUBE Channel: Dragoon Films

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FitLo Fitness Videos by Ross RVVP LLC Denver Video Producer


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