FitLo Denver Passport Membership

Become a FitLo Passport member, and we’ll take you on a tour of Denver fitness  studios and events. Connect, fit in, and make new friends while you explore the Denver fitness scene!

What is included?

For $19 per month your FitLo Denver Passport membership gets you VIP access to:

  • 2 FitLo Passport Events per month (Members attend for free! See upcoming FitLo Passport Events)
  • Studio tours
  • Meet and greets with studio owners and instructors
  • VIP passes to community events
  • Discounts on local products and services
  • Access to the FitLo Passport private Facebook Group
  • Connection with awesome people who like to have fun working out

FitLo Denver
Passport Membership

(monthly autopay)


Get It!

Connect and Explore Denver Fitness with Us!

We’ll be joining you so you don’t have to go to the party alone. Of course your friends are welcome to join us – We love meeting new friends. Studio events are free for Passport members, $15 for non-member guests.

FitLo Denver Passport at Transform Colorado
FitLo Passport studio event at Transform Colorado. Photo by Josephine Virginia.


How do I sign do I become a FitLo Passport Member?

    1. Become a FitLo Passport Member here.
      PRO TIP: If you are on your mobile device, “x” out the option to go into the MINDBODY App and access the membership signup via the mobile website. If you are on a desktop or laptop, the above link will take you directly to the signup page to become a member.
    2. Once you are a FitLo Passport Member, we will send a weekly member email about upcoming events and membership perks as well as post reminders to the FitLo Passport Facebook private member group.
      PRO TIP: You must be a current FitLo Passport Member to join the FitLo Passport Facebook group.

I’m not ready to become a FitLo Passport Member? Can I still join in FitLo Passport Events?

Absolutely! Not ready to commit to a membership? No problem! There is an option to register for individual Passport Events for $15 per FitLo Passport Event. There are two ways to register for FitLo Passport Events as a nonmember guest:

  1. Eventbrite: See upcoming events and register as a guest for FitLo Passports via the FitLo Eventbrite Page  – OR –
  2. MINDBODY App: Search FitLo on the MINDBODY App. Once you find FitLo on the MINDBODY App, swipe up to scroll down the page and see upcoming FitLo Passport Events where you can register for individual events for $15.
    PRO TIP: When you register for a $15 drop-in, you get the first month of your FitLo Passport Membership FREE when you become a member at the Passport Event. 

Can I use the MINDBODY App to Register for FitLo Passport Events?


  1. Search the Mind Body App for FitLo
  2. Once you have found FitLo, swipe up to scroll down, and view upcoming FitLo Passport Events and options to book.

Is my membership limited or can I use the FitLo Passport forever?

No limits! Maintain your membership and you can be a FitLo member for as long as you would like.

Will there always be a FitLo peer with me at the events?

Yes, FitLo Ambassadors will always be there to greet you with high fives and awesome vibes. We want to meet you and get you connected with the studio’s  community so you can feel the love and enjoy your workout.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Autopay memberships can be cancelled. Drop-in registrations are nonrefundable.

$19 per month – Why is the cost so low?

We keep the FitLo Passport membership fee minimal so you can maintain a membership with your primary studio or gym. Ultimately, we believe in maintaining a membership and consistent participation with one “home” studio or gym. Maintaining consistency with one studio’s program is the most effective way to achieve your fitness goals, find your daily fitfam and keep you accountable! The Passport membership is a way to explore, cross train and meet new fitness friends.

Can my friend come to the outing, Do they have to pay?

Friends are always welcome. The nonmember drop-in fee for one Passport Event is $15. This drop-in fee can be put toward the first month of membership, when you register for membership at the Passport Event.

Is the FitLo Passport like ClassPass?

We are unlike ClassPass because we are a local  community membership that sets specific dates to meet up together to connect and workout. ClassPass is a monthly membership which gives you access to a global network of  thousands of studios that allows to go to fitness studios and classes on your own time whenever you want.

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Get Featured. Sponsor. Collab with FitLo.

  • Want to be a featured studio and host a FitLo Passport Event?
  • Would you like to be a sponsor or  vendor at FitLo Passport Events?

Let us know here.

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