FitLo Denver Founder, Tricia Olson

Your Workout Should Make You Feel Amazing. – FitLo Denver Founder, Tricia Olson

As a Denver fitness enthusiast, I’m passionate about building strength, challenging my physical capabilities and maintaining a positive perspective on daily life.  As a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and registered yoga teacher, I strive to help create a mind-body connection that is just the right amount of physical challenge and inspiration, so that when you complete your workout, you feel amazing.

I believe the physical and emotional benefits of working out far exceed the effort it takes to get up and get to the gym or studio- though I know it can be SO hard to get started or try something new!

For me, the emotional perks are what we refer to in yoga as a “moving meditation,” and I like to incorporate this practice in all of my teachings and workouts. After I workout I feel so refreshed, happier, excited and passionate about life. Any anger, frustration or stress just seems to vanish.

Physically, I feel strong and empowered. My endorphins kick in, especially after a heavy lift or a high intensity workout and I feel taller, leaner and stronger. It may be difficult to get yourself physically to the gym or studio, but once you do, it’s worth it. To me, it’s addictive.

How it all started: Jane Fonda on VHS and Ballet Lessons

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. I started ballet lessons at age five and never stopped moving. As a kid, I remember watching my mom’s Jane Fonda VHS tapes and daydreaming about one day becoming a fitness instructor. 80’s leg warmers, leotards and shiny, tan tights will always hold a special place in my heart.

I studied communications, marketing and dance at Western Michigan University. I also trained in Tae Kwon Do and competitive kickboxing. I participated in a kickboxing competition in Oslo, Norway, while studying marketing abroad. I was the only American in the competition. When I reminisce, I still can’t believe I did it, but I believe we are at our best when we are out of our element and and let go of fear. You know what that equals? #FIERCE.

My Yoga Journey

I discovered Ashtanga Yoga in 2001 and immediately felt connected with the flow of Vinyasa Yoga. Likely, the years of formal dance training is what seduced me. It was like dance class with complete freedom and no judgment. I was hooked. I moved to Denver in 2002 and immersed myself in the abundant yoga communities available. I spent several years exploring yoga and various fitness formats. As both a student and teacher, I get ridiculously excited about not only the workout and the serene ritual of its practice, but also the community connection.

Why I Created FitLo

I created FitLo because I’m passionate about fitness and I’m passionate about making a connection with people. I believe we all want to feel connected, healthy and vibrant.  My vision is to provide local studios, gyms, trainers and instructors a channel to connect with the people that want and need their expertise.

There is an information overload on fitness and a lot of competition for the “best” workout. Everyone is positioning themselves as the go-to expert and making promises without even knowing whom they are speaking with. My goal is to present fitness options based on what the trainers and studio owners truly believe in, and why they do what they do- so that people can select venues based on a powerful connection rather than the latest fad.

Find your Fitness Match

Denver fitness community boasts hundreds of fitness studies and gyms with extremely talented teachers and trainers dedicated to sharing their expertise with you so you can be the best version of you. I’ve had the honor of training with some of these brilliant teachers and getting certified in a variety of fitness formats. I’m excited to help you find the “best-fit” fitness studio, instructors and gyms based on your goals, preferences and intentions.

I look forward to meeting you in the studio, the gym and on the mat. Find your connection and get out there!


Tricia L. Olson, RYT, CPT, CGFI
FitLo Denver Founder


Primary Certifications
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher

Supporting Certifications
200 Hour Power Yoga Teacher
Yoga Sculpt
Aerobic Kickboxing
Indoor Cycling
TRX Suspension Training & Functional Training, TRX Yoga

Fitness Experience & Endeavors
NPC Figure Competitor
Athleta Brand Ambassador (2017-2019)
Personal Trainer
Group Fitness Instructor (Barre, Indoor Cycling, Resistance Training, Kickboxing, Bootcamp)
Yoga Instructor
Classical Ballet & Competitive Dance
Martial Arts, Contact Kickboxing & Boxing
Races: ½ Marathon, Triathalon, Tough Mudder