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FitLo Denver is all about celebrating the local fitness and yoga community, and helping you find a connection. You can say we’re in the fitness & yoga matchmaking business. We don’t mean that in a romantic sense, though if that organically happens, then hooray for you!

Given all the options, it can become overwhelming to choose a gym. Guess what? The solution is easier than you think. The very best workout for you is the one that you will show up to. Really! Choose any format, style, trainer, studio – Psst… They are all good.

There are no short cuts or magic pills that will shave off 30 lbs or chisel out your six pack. Find your match and you will enjoy the journey more than you ever imagined. You can do this!

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Read more about why I’m dedicated to helping you find a gym match. Read Dating, Love and Fitness: Have you find THE ONE?