Rhythm Revolution owner Jasmine Anderson

Rhythm Revolution: Lets get weird.

The Rhythm Revolution offers a new take on the ever-popular ‘spin class’. There is an underground, edgy vibe with relentless dedication to ‘The Beats’. You’ll find this indy studio space on Colfax, just past the City Park West neighborhood. The clean lettering on the windows boasts the studio’s multiple modalities: cycle, barre, yoga, HIIT, and power classes. Sound intense? Never… Read more →

FitLo Review Atherial Aerial Yoga Denver

Everybody Flies at Atherial Fitness, and You Can Too

Everybody can fly at Atherial Fitness. In fact, it only takes one Volo Fundamentals class to “earn your wings” and learn the six signature moves taught (and later inverted) at Atherial’s classes. Whether you’re a frequent flyer at Atherial or you’ve never done an upside-down foot lock, co-owners Reba Melandra and Bre Burgess want to assure everyone that Atherial offers… Read more →

Amana Yoga in Boulder Yoga Studio

Amana Yoga in Boulder: My Go-To Yoga Studio

I need more yoga in life. One of my go-to yoga studios is Amana Yoga in Boulder. It’s located very close to Pearl Street. You could plan a yoga visit before or after some shopping or plan some post yoga bites walking distance from the studio. If you are like me, I like walking around after my post yoga high…. Read more →

Outlaw Yoga | Finding Balance Beyond Tree Pose

Structurally, Outlaw Yoga is a heated vinyasa style yoga that is simplistic to follow, yet extremely physically challenging. (Tip: There are a lot of chaturangas.) Mentally, the Outlaw Yoga practice took me to a place where I could let it out and release whatever crap I had pent up that day, week, month. Pretty sure I got out a month’s… Read more →