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Barre in Stapleton: 100% Organic, Made From Scratch.

Barre in the Park was started by Megan Campbell in 2012 as pop-up barre in Stapleton. It was a community class for friends because at the time, there wasn’t much barre in Stapleton available. Megan’s pop-up barre classes were an instant hit. Soon Barre in the Park grew to become the first barre studio in Stapleton. Megan recently changed the… Read more →

FitLo Spring Challenge Barre3

BARRE3 Highlands Ranch Bringing On Positive Energy and Good Vibes

barre3 Highlands Ranch is the third of its franchise to pop up in the Denver metro area. And, quite literally, it did pop up. Even before the studio opened its doors in September, barre3 Highlands Ranch was hosting free classes around town, spreading the buzz and the burn at places like Breckenridge Brewery and Anthropologie. It was clear in those… Read more →

The Bar Method Barre Class Pretzel

The Bar Method – Get Your Barre Technique On Point

As FitLo Ambassadors, Jessica Hall and I have had the opportunity to branch out from our day to day fitness routines and experience new ways to challenge our bodies. Jess is usually taking on high energy, cardio dance classes while I tend to stick to a more traditional strength and cardio training program. We both agreed we needed to work… Read more →