F.I.T. Park Meadows #yeahitsthattough

F.I.T. Park Meadows – Lone Tree

I’m always humbled when I step through the doors of a CrossFit gym or studio for the first time. I’ve had my quality time with CrossFit. It isn’t a workout I’m currently committed to, however, I get it. The community is supportive, and the adrenaline is unbeatable. Recently, I worked out with F.I.T. Park Meadows. This gym offers a few different modalities including CrossFit, F.I.T., yoga, kickboxing, and a kid’s program. My workout was with the 6 am F.I.T. crew. Even though the sun was barely up, and we were starting with sprints and slam ball relays, everyone welcomed me and took me in as one of the team. Thanks, Guys! A special thanks to Jill, my partner.

Nathan Lemon, Owner & Coach

F.I.T. is an intense bootcamp style workout that utilizes the space and equipment of a CrossFit gym. The workout differs from Crossfit by focusing on lighter weights and more reps with little rest for the entire 55 minutes. The motto: #yeahitsthattough, delivers. I work out a lot and think I’m pretty strong, but that thought got obliterated within the first 10 minutes. Beyond it being “tough” and involving some friendly competition to keep us on track, (I may have caused Jill to do extra burpees to make up for me not keeping our team average up) I was reminded that I was competing with myself. The F.I.T Park Meadows philosophy: “Believe the only thing between you and your next goal is you.” This is the inspiration that speaks to me because I find a connection with my yoga practice. The mat and the gym worlds collide! I have a competitive fire that rides the edge of making me extremely productive as well as self-destructive.  If my fire goes over the edge by comparing with others, I dive into the dark side. Stay on the light side! Thanks for the reminder F.I.T. Park Meadows!

If you are seeking a nonstop, high intensity workout without the heavy weights – This is a great one to check out. The F.I.T. concept was originally created by F.I.T. Park Meadows. It is now a format offered at 16 Crossfit gyms around the country. FitLo also worked out with and interviewed Andrea Holland, F.I.T. trainer for F.I.T. on Broadway (Crossfit Broadway). Watch Andrea’s interview. So if Park Meadows is too far South, go to F.I.T. on Broadway! There is also F.I.T. Loveland (Crossfit 970) for your Loveland-ers. Coming soon, there will be FIT Thornton (CrossFit Thornton) and F.I.T. programs at Anchor CrossFit and CrossFit Lowry.

What are your thoughts on competing against yourself? Is this a prelude to schizophrenia or greatness? I’m kidding about the schizophrenia of course, but I really do want to hear from you!


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