‘Exercise is medicine.’ Interview with Endorphin

Endorphin recently made 5280 Magazine’s list of ‘Denver’s Best Colorado Workouts’. Well deserved. Congrats, Endorphin! I’ve had the pleasure of visiting 3 of the Endorphin Denver area locations, and I’ve taken 3 of their class offerings: Cycle/Row, Warriors and Yoga. All good stuff. I caught up with Briana Christine, the manager for Endorphin. Her Cycle/Row class is one of my fave cardio blast classes! If you are in need of an intense cardio day, this is the one. A High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class that uses bikes and rowers with a few burpees, squats, pushups and lunges sprinkled in – more like hundreds dumped in! Briana provides the motivation, kickin tunes and sequencing, but it’s up to you to work the pace that works for you – so it is accessible to everyone! Briana’s yoga background is evident with her chill vibe, yet, she gets you moving and pushing harder than you thought you could. Just when you think it’s over, there’s more. Briana is confident you can do it so without hesitation you just do it. Enough said.

Briana says in her interview, “It doesn’t matter how hard it is, I just want you to feel like you’ve accomplished something when you leave.” I suppose that’s what makes me take it to the next level in her class. She’s got the formula: just right amount of confidence and encouragement that empowers you to do more. It’s as though it became your idea to bust out 30 burpees after 45 minutes of nonstop bike and rowing intervals!

Watch FitLo’s interview with Briana. She talks about her connection with yoga and cycling, and how “exercise is medicine”. Coming soon FitLo will feature an interview with another elevating Endorphin instructor, my friend, Sharon Madison. I just can’t get enough of Endorphin, and there is a lot to get in. Check them out at www.myendorphin.com With 6, soon to be 8 locations – they are all over Denver!


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