FitLo Empower Awards: Vote for Denver Men Who Empower Women

Cast Your Vote to Select the Finalists

What are the FitLo Empower Awards?
This is  special community feature designed to acknowledge people in the Denver fitness community who empower and inspire.

Why ‘Men Who Empower Women Awards’?
Women supporting women is not only important, it’s one of the greatest movements of our time. Also important – the men who support those strong women. The men who challenge women to continue to break through obstacles, to be bold, kick ass, and reach their goals in fitness, and in life. This award is not just about men supporting women. This award and community feature is about acknowledging gender balance and equality.

Cast Your Vote: Feb 22- March 1
You are invited to cast your vote for the trainers and influencers that have been nominated by the Denver Fitness Community. It’s easy to and only takes 5 minutes to vote! Your vote will help determine the finalists for each category.

Finalist Will Be Announced on International Women’s Day, March 8
Finalists will be announced on International Women’s Day (March 8). The theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is gender balance (#balanceforbetter), which is what this year’s FitLo Empower Awards is all about!

Winner Awarded in April
Throughout March through early April, you will be invited to join FitLo for studio workouts with the finalists. With the combination of workouts with the finalists and online features, you get to engage in a  fun bracket-style voting process to see help determine who finishes in first place for the 2019 FitLo Empower Award! Details on dates and times are coming soon! (We need to know who the finalists are first so be sure to  vote to select the finalists here!)

And the winner goes to…

Men Who Empower Women Awards Timeline

Sponsorships + Community Partnerships Available

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FAQs & Rules

  • One vote per person, per category. We will be tracking as well as counting on the honesty and integrity of the Denver Fitness Community.
  • There are two categories:
    Category 1 “Trainer/Instructor/ Studio Owner”
    Category 2 “Fitness Community Influencer (Not a trainer/Instructor/Studio Owner)”
  • You do not have to vote for both categories. You can vote for each category or choose to vote for just one category.
  • Your vote will be anonymous. However, we must collect your email and name for tracking purposes. You will have the option to be added to an email list or not be added. We promise to act accordingly and not abuse your email. (pinky swear)
  • Nominations were held Feb 1-17. Cast your vote based on the nominees from Feb 22 – March 1. These votes will determine the finalists. We anticipate 4-6 finalists, depending where there is a clear cutoff on votes.
  • Finalists will be announced and featured in March. FitLo will feature the finalists and lead a bracket-style voting process that will involve online content and in-person studio workouts throughout the month of March. It’ll all get wrapped up with a final vote between the last two standing finalists in each category for the winner of the 2019 FitLo Empower Awards in early April.
  • Winners will be awarded in April.
  • More Questions? Email ( or send us a DM on social media (@fitlodenver Instagram & Facebook)