FitLo Fitness Chat Interview with Jess Witcher

This FitLo Fitness Chat features Jess Witcher, Certified Trainer, Founder of the Denver Sweat Tour, FitLo AmBADASSador and Instagram Rockstar. FitLo Founder, Tricia Olson, interviews Jess about her journey as an Instagram influencer (37.3k followers!), which lead her to becoming a certified personal trainer and creating the Denver Sweat Tour. Find out how she is working toward even more entrepreneurial fitness adventures and… Read more →

LFT Fitness Gym Members Littleton, Denver, CO

LFT Fitness Community Throwdown | Challenge Your Fitness

What is the LFT Fitness Community Throwdown? LFT is all about coaching, community and culture, which is why they created the LFT Fitness Community Throwdown series. Throughout the year LFT hosts competitions that will challenge your fitness – mind, body an soul! Every Throwdown event is open to the community and attracts hundreds of participants and local vendors to create a fitness… Read more →

It’s time to shred. Top 5 Ski Conditioning & Recovery Tips

It’s time to shred. Is your BOD ready for ski season? Let’s talk ski conditioning and recovery. It’s early in the season and the snow is coming down in Colorado. SO STOKED! Has your body caught up with your enthusiasm? Chances are, you are like most people and the first few times out are thrilling, yet the recovery is a challenge…. Read more →

Revolutionize Your Fitness

FitLo snagged an onsite, in-studio interview with the founder of The Rhythm Revolution (RR), Jasmine Anderson, RR Tribe Chief, a.k.a. beatgypsy. Beyond being straight up cool and creating one of the coolest , homegrown cycling and yoga fitness studios in Denver, Jasmine, and her team of top notch instructors pour their souls into the heart of a group fitness class – The Music. Let’s… Read more →