FitLo Fitness Chat Interview with Jess Witcher

This FitLo Fitness Chat features Jess Witcher, Certified Trainer, Founder of the Denver Sweat Tour, FitLo AmBADASSador and Instagram Rockstar. FitLo Founder, Tricia Olson, interviews Jess about her journey as an Instagram influencer (37.3k followers!), which lead her to becoming a certified personal trainer and creating the Denver Sweat Tour. Find out how she is working toward even more entrepreneurial fitness adventures and… Read more →

Ignite Nutrition and Fitness

FitLo Fitness Chat with Nutrition Coach, Ashley Tracey

This FitLo Fitness chat is with the founder and owner of Ignite Nutrition and Fitness, Ashley Tracey. Ashley is a nutrition coach specializing in personalized nutrition and fitness programs that help a diverse group of clientele achieve nutrition and fitness goals. She holds a Master’s of Science in Nutrition, has over seven years of experience as a nutrition professor, and over… Read more →

Andrea Cervantes, NPC Bikini Competitor Yoga Side Plank at Red Rocks Denver CO

FitLo Fitness Chat with Andrea Cervantes, NPC Bikini Competitor

We talk with Andrea Cervantes, NPC Bikini competitor and FitLo AmBADASSador who crushed her 2016 fitness goals and she’s ready for more in 2017! Like most accomplishments, it isn’t easy to to buckle down, dig deep and face the obstacles that try to keep you from you goals. This Facebook Live FitLo Fitness chat is all about finding the inspiration and… Read more →