International Day of Yoga in Denver – Get the lowdown.

June 21st –  It’s kind of a big deal because it’s a big day for yoga all around the world. Wednesday, June 21st is International Day of Yoga and the Summer Solstice. The Summer Solstice can vary between Jun 20 and June 22. I believe the Summer Solstice this year is technically June 20, regardless, this week marks the longest… Read more →

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Fitness Faux Pas and Tips on How to Deal with Them

We’re about six weeks into 2017 and that means some of us have given up on those New Year’s resolutions while others are holding strong (way to go badasses!). Wherever you fall on the fitness resolution spectrum, you’ve most likely experienced some gym mishaps or fitness faux pas. As a fellow fitness enthusiast and instructor/trainer, I’ve definitely had my fair… Read more →