Blunt Force Training Is Where Strength Lives

Moving to a new city can be difficult. You have to find a new grocery store, new restaurants to frequent, and most importantly, a new gym (If you are like me, this is at the top of the list!). When I moved across the country from Delaware to Colorado, I was woefully out of shape. I had finished 3 years of intensive medical training, had fallen out of healthy habits and had lost motivation to gain them back. Add in the difficulties of altitude adjustment and wealth of local breweries and I fell into some pretty bad habits for my first several months in Denver. Finally unhappy with my low energy level and paucity of clothing that actually fit, I decided to make a change when I turned 30 earlier this year. Although I had been an athlete and runner for most of my life, I knew I needed the extra motivation to get back in shape that only a structured fitness studio or gym could offer. I started the process of looking for a local gym that could capture (and keep) my interest. I purchased several Groupons and began my search among the myriad of Denver gyms. One day in March I signed up for my first class at Blunt Force Training. At that time, Blunt Force was located by Mile High Stadium and touted both bootcamp and a run club, which piqued my interest. Soon I learned, that for me, Blunt Force Training is where strength lives.

Finding “The One” Gym

It’s hard to explain how you know you’ve found your gym, but I knew quickly that Blunt Force was the Denver gym for me after the first class. The front door was pink and the logo was a pink star, but when the music started and the workout got going, there was nothing frilly about this gym. The exercises and equipment spanned genres from rope climbs and sled pushes, to kettlebells and bosu balls. The community vibe was unpretentious and free from critical judgement. There were people of all ages and fitness levels and everyone actually seemed to get along.

It’s been 7 months since my first class at Blunt Force Training, and I am happy to say I love it even more than I did that first day.

blunt-forceBlunt Force Training Workouts

The signature workout at Blunt Force is the 50 minute bootcamp. Offered at several times per day (often with the first at 6am and the last at 7pm) and taught by each of Blunt Force’s trainers, this workout is never the same. Each trainer has a different style which assures that your muscles will always be guessing. For me, this is tremendously fun because I have a short attention span and need to constantly change things up to keep stadium-pickmyself interested. Blunt Force workouts utilize a myriad of equipment which keeps you working muscles you may not even know you had! My particular favorites are weighted sleds and oversized tires (used for flipping, or pushing, or sledgehammers) because they are not equipment I ever saw myself using, and make me feel like a badass. If these aren’t for you, there are also free weights, kettlebells, pullup bars, jump ropes, bosu balls, slam balls, TRX trainers, and medicine balls to choose from (just to name a few).

Blunt Force also offers several other class options, including an intense HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class (30 minutes of sprinting, plyometrics, and pure sweat), strength classes where you can learn Olympic lifting techniques, an altitude adjustment class to help you prepare for races and climbs, and a core focused class for that extra ab burnout. Want to step up your fitness game to the next level? I dare you to take Blunt Force’s Elite test and join the select few who are the gym’s top athletes.

Another unique training experience that Blunt Force offers is boxing- They have a boxing ring in the center of the gym and classes led by local professional boxing pros!

If Group Fitness Isn’t Your Thing

If you are nervous about group fitness and would like more personalized attention, you are in luck! The gym also offers personal training to help you achieve your own personal weight loss and fitness goals- everything runfrom mastering a push-up to competing in a high intensity obstacle race. The gym’s owner, Tiffany Coolidge, was even named 2013’s Top Personal Trainer by 5280 Magazine. There are also open gym hours where you can explore all that Blunt Force has to offer on your own time.

The Fitness Community at Blunt Force Training

Lastly, my favorite part about Blunt Force is that they foster a supportive, family environment. From monthly free bootcamps (often followed by happy hour), to fundraisers supporting member endeavors, to team races and hikes (Bolder Boulder, Cherry Creek Sneak, Rock n Roll Half Marathon, and Tough Mudder to name a few), the Blunt Force fitness community makes it possible for you to achieve your goals, have fun, and make lasting friendships in the process.

Free Bootcamp Friday

If this sounds like a gym that may interest you, you are in luck! Once a month Blunt Force hosts a free bootcamp. The next free bootcamp is this Friday October 28. It will be a Halloween themed bootcamp and fundraiser. Costumes are encouraged, and it promises to be a great time.

Blunt Force Training is located at 3993 Elati Street and is conveniently located in North Denver just off of I25. You can check them out on Facebook or see the class schedule at

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