FitLo Fitness Chat with Andrea Cervantes, NPC Bikini Competitor

We talk with Andrea Cervantes, NPC Bikini competitor and FitLo AmBADASSador who crushed her 2016 fitness goals and she’s ready for more in 2017! Like most accomplishments, it isn’t easy to to buckle down, dig deep and face the obstacles that try to keep you from you goals. This Facebook Live FitLo Fitness chat is all about finding the inspiration and courage to go for your dreams and make them happen!  Watch as we twerk about it….Yes, There may be some twerking involved… psst near the end!

FitLo Fitness Chat Andrea Cervantes

A huge thank you to our FitLo Fitness Chat sponsor Pogamat. Whether we’re learning to twerk, practicing yoga or sweating it out with a challenging workout, we LOVE PogaMat!



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