A Tribute to Superhero Dads – Happy Father’s Day!

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Last month, FitLo recognized the special role mothers play in our lives, sprinkling magical fairy dust of inspiration and nurturing to keep us on track. This month, we want to give a shout out to the dads – our superheroes!

Dads have a huge responsibility to “be there” and bring strength, stability and FUN to our lives. They also have a special understanding of who we are and what we are capable of achieving.

Every family dynamic is different.  When I was a child, the times Dad was in charge  typically meant a few rules could be broken and we were sure to have some fun. My favorite memories include long bike rides and playing at the park without a care in the world. Going on family camping trips where Dad would take me and my brother out fishing for hours. And, Friday nights! Oh, the Friday nights- made special by feasting on homemade popcorn and delicious Town Club Soda while watching antics of Dukes of Hazard. Now there’s a role model! As I grew older, we did less of these rituals, yet our relationship changed and deepened. I knew I could always count on my dad to help me out when challenges got a little too big to handle on my own. My dad always gives me just enough support so that I make it through the challenge and experience the success of overcoming obstacles,  yet not too much support, where I’m not pushing hard enough  to pull my own weight or learn from the situation.

My Dad helped me relocate to Colorado. In 2002, we drove from Detroit to Denver in a U-Haul, towing my 89 Berretta. He took on this adventure without question and supported my decision to move to a city where I knew nearly no one, without much of a plan other than to snowboard. Intuitively, he knew I had to carve out my own path, that eventually led to creating a family and FitLo. He knew I could do it.  Along my journey, Dad has always been there – solid and dependable. Thank you, Dad, for being my Superhero!

This week, we honor all of the special dads and Superheroes in our lives. Recently, I visited with dads that make time for fitness and athletic activities. We talked about how these activities help maintain balance as a father and by example, encourage their children to be strong and active.

Happy Father’s Day!


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