5 Tips for Fitting In Your Fitness

Say that fast five times. Never mind- you don’t have time. You need to focus your time and energy on how you’re going to wedge your fitness routine into your busy day.

Recently, FitLo interviewed moms and dads who’ve made fitness a priority in their lives, working around impossible schedules and demands so they can walk the talk, feel good, be fit and be an example to their kids. As a parent, they’re inspirational. As a busy person, their tactics just make sense! Regardless of whether you’re a parent or not, we all have one thing in common- we’re all crazy busy.

Being busy means it is even more important for the health of your mind and body to get up and move. Based on our interviews, these are the ‘best of the best’ ways to make your workouts happen:

  1. Schedule your workout like an appointment. Whether you want to schedule your workout for early morning, on your lunch hour, right after work or later in the evening, you have to schedule it, or it won’t happen. Schedule it, plan it and treat it like a high priority appointment.
  2. Do activities with your kids that are active. You’re never too old to play like a kid. Play chase and enjoythe giggles and the calorie burn. Race on your walks for high intensity interval training bursts. Play on the playground equipment with your kids. Go to places like Red Rocks and explore together- all of this counts as activity. Join a group that gets together to workout at a park while the kids romp around. This picWorking Out In Park is me doing some ab work on the playground with a couple moms from Running with Kids, a local resource for working out with your kids.
  3. Workout with friends and combine your social time with your workout. Whether you are able to meet at the same gym or studio class, or meet at a park, this is multitasking that adds up to success. Working out together helps you stay motivated, disciplined, and gives you time to catch up with your friend(s).
  4. Find a gym or studio that will entertain your kiddo(s) while you work out. A couple of unique, local studio options I’ve found recently: Fierce45 in the Highlands offers child care while you take their 45 minute class (trust me you get it all in within 45 minutes!) and The Freyja Project and Yoga Pod Southglenn offers simultaneous child yoga classes (ages 5-12), schedule varies. If you know of others, leave a reply in the form below or post to FitLo’s FaceBook page, and help other busy mamas and daddys out!
  5. Set yourself up for success at home. Watch a movie or show with your kids while you are on a bike, treadmill, elliptical, etc. Throw in some pushups, sit-ups, squats and lunges. Boom! A full body workout. Connect with an online yoga or fitness class using streaming services like YogaDownload.com, allowing you to take your yoga practice anywhere, including your living room after the kids go to bed or before they wake up! Take this FREE 20 minute yoga class led by Outlaw Yoga, produced by YogaDownload.com

These activities will not only help you maintain your fitness, but also create healthy workout habits for your kids. Whether you are doing the activities with them or they see you leaving for an hour or two, they are inspired to be like you and make an effort to be active because you are their MVP!


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